ALTIC is a business, marketing and creative agency, providing tailor-made services to achieve the results you need within your budget.

What we do

We help clients to enjoy and achieve business growth, overcome difficult challenges, and discover new opportunities with exciting and energetic ideas.

  • Bring in new customers.

    Every business relies on its customers and we help you get them. We also make sure those customers keep coming back and ensure your business is prepared and organised to deal with growth.

  • Boost your company image.

    A great image is an essential part of a growing business. Our business experts collaborate with our creative team to make sure your business looks and performs to the highest standard.

  • Improve how much your customers spend.

    Once customers are coming in, it's important to improve how much they're spending each time. We'll work from the customer's perspective to implement ways to increase the average order value.

  • Increase how often customers use your services.

    Once a customer has bought from you, you want them to come back for more. Communication is the key. We'll help you to interact and engage with your customers to keep them coming back, and gather their feedback to help suggest on-going improvements.

  • Discover new opportunities.

    New opportunities are unique to each and every business and can be the key to turbo-charging its success. We'll learn about your business, your competitors, your industry and your customers, and we'll regularly propose new opportunities that you can capitalise on.


How we work


Tell us what you want to achieve and what budget you'd like to work with.


We propose a plan to achieve the results you need within your budget.


We put the plan into action and deliver the results.

The benefits

Get results from an entire team of experts.

Our entire team is at your disposal; high-performing, results-driven experts who have a diverse range of skills to cover everything your business needs.

Save time, save money.

We invest heavily in high-end and complex agency systems so you don't have to, and we'll undertake everything that is required to meet your objectives so you can focus on running your business.

Keep control, monitor the results.

We work with your goals and objectives in mind. Before any project commences, we send you a full overview of what we propose and how we propose doing it. From there, you'll be given access to a real-time dashboard so you can log in at any time to see how the campaigns are performing.

Get things done.

We'll work on everything it takes to help your business grow and oversee every campaign from start to finish. We work with you to thoroughly plan out every step of your business growth strategy to make sure that everything is being done in the right way, and that your business not only grows, but continues to grow.

And there's more...

  • ✔ All services covered in one budget
  • ✔ Everything you need in one place
  • ✔ Friendly, experienced and honest advice
  • ✔ No contract
  • ✔ On-going support and advice
  • ✔ Grow your business at a price that you choose

Contact us

We'd love to learn about your business and chat about how we can help.


0131 331 5372


Contact us

We'd love to learn about your business and chat about how we can help.